The policies of Blue Skies Child Care are developed by the Director with input from Staff and Parents.


Fees are charged either on a daily or weekly basis. Full fees are payable unless families have registered & been approved for CCS (Child Care Subsidy).

To apply for CCS families can apply online to the Department of Human Services via their MyGov account or on 136 150.

Accounts are issued weekly and are payable within 7 days. Accounts are emailed every Monday. Accounts must be kept up to date to avoid late payment fees. If accounts remain unpaid for an extended period then they will be referred to our Debt Collection Agency.


At Blue Skies we believe in the importance of a sense of belonging and we acknowledge each person as an individual.

 We treasure building positive relationships with our children, families and community to provide a holistic, play based approach to education and care.

 We aim to create a learning environment that children can thrive in by exploring their interests, challenging new skills and nurturing their needs and diversity.


Blue Skies Child Care is licensed to enrol children aged between 6 weeks and school age. Blue Skies is also an approved provider of a Kindy program which is available to children over 4 years of age all 5 days of the week. This approval was granted by the Education Department and the Curriculum is overseen & delivered by our Early Childhood Teacher. We aim to give parents the opportunity to discuss family values and any concerns they may have about placing their child into child care. Our aim is to ensure that a child’s participation in child care is a positive and happy experience.

When you arrive with your child at Blue Skies Child Care you enter through Reception where you will find the sign-in kiosk. It is a requirement of the Child Care Subsidy that your child’s attendance times are recorded accurately every time they attend care. Once your enrolment application has been approved you will be provided with a unique pin. Each “Authorised Person” who may collect your child will have their own pin to enter. This pin is required for signing your child in & out each time. Our staff team are always willing to help out if you have any questions or issues while using the kiosk.

Any centre news or notices are emailed out as well as posted around the front office area or Via the EarlyWorks app.



All meals are provided at Blue Skies Child Care. Blue Skies is an approved Start Right-Eat Right centre. Following the Start Right-Eat Right program our menu provides at least 50% of a child’s recommended daily intake. We are committed to the provision of a well-balanced and nutritious diet with an emphasis on introducing children to a variety of foods.

We offer a diet based on the 5 food groups. We provide the meals partly to make life easier for families when getting their children and themselves ready for the day, and also to provide quality control over the foods that children are consuming during the day.

Meals provided are low in sugar and salt and are free from peanuts, nuts and any other substance known to cause severe allergic reactions in children.


Blue Skies Child Care believes that children should respect themselves, other people and their environment. Behaviour management is carried out in a positive and caring way and under no circumstances will a child be punished physically, verbally or emotionally.

Parents are most welcome and encouraged to discuss strategies with the Director and Staff where required.


The safety of children at Blue Skies Child Care is of paramount inportance. All possible precautions are taken to ensure that areas used by children are physically safe and kept clean.

We know and understand that any person who is charged with the care of children is placed in a special position of trust which carries with it responsibilities. If children or staff have illnesses which are infectious or contagious, or if they are unwell, they will be either excluded from child care or parents will be asked to collect them from child care.

The safety and security of children is of great importance to staff as well as to you as a parent. We aim to provide an environment in which parents can confidently leave their children.


Blue Skies Child Care is an accredited “Sun Smart” Centre. Everyone needs protection from the sun – regardless of skin type or colour, and regardless of the season. Blue Skies provides 50+ sunscreen which is applied & reapplied regularly throughout the day.

We promote positive attitudes towards skin protection and we encourage practices in every day life that can help to reduce the incidence of skin cancer and related problems.

We have a “NO HAT – NO PLAY” policy. Hats are compulsory for outdoor play from the beginning of September until the end of April. However, hats are not discouraged in the other months.